Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sugar Bunny

There are a lot of things that you eagerly anticipate as you dream about raising a child, trips to Disney, Christmas morning, first day of school and Easter egg hunts. Then these milestones arrive and they pass by in a blur of tantrums and sugar highs.
I have been having these fantasies of parenthood since I was pregnant, or probably way before parenthood if I am being honest. The past few Easters we've been traveling, or moving, or navigating twice-daily naps. I was thrilled that we could enjoy the little holiday at home without the drama. I picked out a precious smocked outfit for Bennett and ordered him an Easter basket that he could use a lifetime. When I placed an order for the "large" basket, I suppose I was compensating for a lack of more smocked-holiday outfits and my failure to have a proper basket on his two previous bunny holidays. It's the Napolean Complex of Easter baskets.
Large as in, came up to his mid chest and as tall as him when seated.
When you are filling a ten-gallon basket you run out of ideas to fill it and have to resort to raiding the pantry.

The only shot I have of Bennett in his Easter outfit. You're wondering where the smocking is? Rocky vetoed it. Apparently B is too old for bunnies. When did that happen? He just got a proper Easter basket!  My fantasies of a precious occassion forced me to compensate with a bowtie. That's where the tantrums came in. Those certainly weren't a part of my parental fantasies.
When I lookback at Easter 2013, I hope I can forget the toddler shenanigans and remember how wonderful it felt to have our family in town, cousins to play with, and how the only thing my child wanted to eat was chocolate eggs and cake. Sugar is what fantasies should be made of.

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