Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We're Still Boring

Geez this blog is struggling lately. Then, I come back from the radio silence with one of those pathetic catch-up posts that is hardly inspiring, funny or far from worth the wait. Let me demonstrate why there is nothing worth sharing lately.

1. We got a new roof.  A freak February storm brought a leak and an hallelujah. We knew when we bought the house we were a strong wind gust and a prayer from needing a new one. Thank goodness it happened before we learned we owed Uncle Sam a few clams. (I will have to update this post later with the dramatic before and after!)

2. We paid Uncle Sam a few clams. Thank goodness Rocky now has an official title and a few deductions.

3. Yesterday, in a ten minute span of time, Atticus rolled in something stinky, found a dead animal in the front yard and I discovered a yellow jacket in the house.

4. I killed the yellow jacket with an empty toilet paper roll.

5. Bennett is obsessed with his golfing clubs and the new bettable garden.

6. We are forging ahead with our mission to rid our house of beige, but got derailed thanks to a broken beer bottle. Now the playroom looks and smells like a fraternity house.

7. I saw a woman on the street and based on her outfit, thought she must be drunk and/or homeless. It turned out she was posing for her boyfriend's camera so she could post on her fashion blog. This proves that 1) I could never be a fashion blogger and 2)fashion bloggers are kind of hilarious.

8. I broke out Bennett's spring/summer wardrobe only to find the kid is still so skinny that we have to roll his shorts from last summer.

9. I tried some more pinterest crafts and failed. However, I made some mighty delicious pinterest recipes that I would highly recommend.

10. We're boring, but you must love us anyway because you're still here. Thank you. How can I better bore you in the future?

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