Friday, November 29, 2013

What We Learned: 37 Months

I nearly quit this blog series two years ago, but you folks encouraged me to forge ahead. It's a good thing I did because this blog would probably have about 1/3 less content if it weren't for these little updates. A third birthday felt like a good place to close this chapter, but Bennett continues to enlighten and delight us. My failure to produce a legitimate baby book is guilt trip enough to continue on with these entries. These entries are safe for another year.

Bennett learned to crack peanut shells, peel a banana and pop pomegranate seeds.

We learned that while he might not like spaghetti or cheerios, his palate is beginning to expand.

Bennett learned that wearing masks and mastering "trick or treat" is worth it.

We learned that our kid is surprisingly a surprisingly generous sharer.

Bennett learned that sharing and vegetables are a good compromise for taffy, chocolate and lollipops.

We learned that sometimes he likes his privacy.

Bennett learned that starting your sentences with "When I was a baby," gets your mommy's attention.

We learned that he has quite the imagination and quite the memory.

Bennett learned that riding ferris wheels, staying up late and eating doughnuts every day isn't half bad.

We learned that he still misses us, even when distracted and spoiled.

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