Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Actually We Had a Nice Little Weekend Planned

"Actually, we’ve got a nice little Saturday planned. Were going to Home Depot to pick out some wallpaper, then maybe we'll hit Bed Bath and Beyond... I don’t know! I don’t know if well have enough time!"
-Frank the Tank Ricard, Old School

And it was even better than I could have hoped. It was a great weekend doing mundane married things like going to Home Depot for tomato plant cages, Target for a new hose, and having a bbq/doggy play date. But then some other big things happened.

Friday we learned this:

Hereinafter referred to as Baby Boy King, aka B.B. King because he doesn't have a name yet. When he does you won't be getting another surprise reveal until he's made his 4D appearance. So there!

So we are crazy excited/happy/overjoyed. Being the sensible folks that we are, decided to celebrate our unborn babe at a bar. We headed to Jackson 20 after dinner to cross off an item on our cradle list.

From Washingtonian.Com (P.S. Don't believe their review of this place. They obviously didn't try the duck fat frites. P.P.S. They are not only for pregnant ladies).

Saturday we decided to trade in my trusty Corolla because I learned that even these 5'8" giants that we are can't squeeze in both a carseat and our legs. It was a sad day.

I bought it when I was making peanuts on the Hill and paid it off a year before the loan was due. Sure it had roll down windows and lacked anti-lock breaks. We all have to make sacrifices sometime. Especially when living on peanuts.

This time our greatest sacrifice was the wrong color interior. I keep telling myself black will hide the projectile vomit and marker stains.

I'm a little bit spoiled. Just a little.

So we celebrated by taking a car ride and walking this guy on the Potomac. 1/2 a Cradle List Requirement marked off the list!

Vintage Atticus

We also managed to squeeze in a bit of registering. Rocky was thrilled.

It was a great weekend. Really. Truly. When we are THAT couple at Target with the screaming child I am going to look back on Memorial Day Weekend 2010 as a quitissentially fabulous weekend. When we were just a couple. With a dog. And a long list of errands.

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