Thursday, June 10, 2010

Before and After

4 whopping posts and I'm already slacking. Apologies. I hope my big return after a ten day absence is not a whopping disappointment.

Atticus a.k.a. Stinky, Stinks, or Bub, got a hair cut this weekend. I think you can see why:

My eyes! What have you done with my eyes!

Much better. And that stunning bandana really attracts the ladies.

A little bump update:

I thought I had a bump then. 13 weeks-ish.

And this is the bump at 18 weeks 1 day. I can't believe I am posting this scary picture to the public (hi mom!) but somehow I convinced myself that I look more petite and not quite as bumpy first thing in the morning. Pregnant women will tell themselves anything.

And now, its time for the crowning glory of before and afters...the moment you all have been waiting for... the unveiling of the kitchen remodel before and after! [And the crowd goes wild!!]

From the former dining room door, with the sellers' things.

A view of the dining room door, goodbye swinging dining room door!

Former dining room wall. Also pictured, annoying cabinet that you couldn't use because of that pesky fridge.

And tada! The after.

A not so pesky fridge. It even has an ice maker! That's almost as exciting as a car with automatic windows. Almost.

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