Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback Friday: Coffee Maker Edition

April 2007, Walland, Tennessee

I am not sure there are many kitchen gadgets that could elicit this sort of overjoyed response out of a groom-to-be. Sure, its a lovely Krups ten cup coffee maker with insulated carafe. But come on, really?

The lovely ladies at Walland United Methodist Church hosted a fabulous shower for us just a couple of months before our nuptials. I think over half of the congregation was in attendance. I got the chance to sit down with some amazing people who knew not just Little Rock and Big Rock, but Rocky the First too. I can only imagine what they really thought of this Yankee girl stealing one of their own to take him home to Washington, DC of all places. Yet, they graciously accepted me with open arms and plenty of appliances.


  1. umm i have never seen that picture before but it is AWESOME.

  2. you've been holding out on me. this is why i'm going to love flashback fridays. until you post an embarrassing picture of me of course...