Friday, June 18, 2010

Flashback Friday

I am flying to Minnesota today for a whirlwind weekend. I gotta get some Minnesota in me, the fresh air, the accents, the cheese curds and the mosquitoe bites. What really made me get my act together and get home for a quick trip is the Irondale High School Class of 2000 10 Year High School Reunion. To mark this festive occasion, I am instituting a new feature here on Shrimp and Kings, FLASH BACK FRIDAY! I hope to post lots of embarrassing pictures of myself and my loved ones from way back in the day, like circa 1996 when this picture was taken:

TWIN DAY, a right of passage for all nerdy high schoolers on the Student Council. But I wasn’t a nerd, I was so cool I wore hot pink jelly shoes to match my styling daisy shift from Target. Sassy.
Welcome to the blog, High School BFF Annie! My twin all four years of high school spirit weeks. Here we are standing in the most significant of all backdrops, the locker room.

We had a lot of competition come the winter of 2000. We were still nerdy, but cool enough to know that Senior Art is where it was at (and an easy A!). Here we are sporting our Tina Turner inspired skirts, matching hoodies and provocatively posing in front of our work bins.

I am so excited to get back and see all the cool kids who decided to go to their 10 Year Reunion, not the least of which, Annie who is flying from LA because we are still that cool. But surely, I can’t be the only pregnant lady without a date, right?

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  1. I am JUST seeing this!!! Love love love it. We should reinstate twin day just for fun.