Monday, July 26, 2010

An Update on the Cradle List

We are almost two-thirds of the way to the estimated date of delivery. Baby towels, baby blankets and baby hats are slowly accumulating in our house. And dun dun dun, the crib is scheduled to arrive on Friday. I figure it is high time we take stock in the status of the cradle list.
2941- not yet, but we have some big plans for this one.

Central- Check! And a delightful third anniversary dinner in June.

Clean the Garage- halfway there and did it all by myself. And no pink onesies to store.

Holocaust Museum-now we're just waiting for the tourists to thin out before we attempt this one.

Bake a souffle- souffles are not in season, so give me a break.

Eammons- not yet. Still craving the fish and chips though.

Doggy Happy Hour- One visit is certainly not enough. Thank heaven for Tomber and their mutual desire for beer, pretzels and doggies.

Jackson20-finally, another check. We celebrated the Gender Identification here in May.

Nats Games-Dad did come to town. I did not get sunburned. We're going again tomorrow to see the Braves and potentially the new rookie pitch again. Maybe this time I'll sneak into the locker room and I'll ask him out for a drink.

Picnic on the Mall- our poor inner interns can't stomach the 100 days we've been having. Soon.

New York-Check!

Walks Along the Potomac with Atticus- Check, more than once, before the 100 degree days became a common occurance.

Newseum- Check! We indeed got our culture on.

Corduroy-saving this one up for another special excuse.

So, seven and a half down. Not too shabby. We can do better.

I was all worried the crib was going to take the estimated amount of delivery time and we'd have a babe with no cradle. The crib came surprisingly early. Now I just hope B.B. King doesn't make a similar early appearance so we can keep trucking on with this cradle.

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