Friday, June 17, 2011

Flashback Father

I have bragged on my dad in the past for his "hands-on parenting" style.  For my birthday, like any hands-on dad is apt to do, he wore a hat like all of my other tea party guests.  He was also known to play Barbies with me when a friend cancelled at the last minute.  He hated to see me disappointed, so he'd get down on the floor and decorate Barbie's dream home or don a hat to participate in the festivities.  The sentiment continues; I think if he could sell my house for me or evict the renters from the perfect Nashville townhouse, he'd do it. 

It is going to be so wonderful to have him be a hands-on grandparent too.  Being nearby, my dad will still be able to do the big things, the trips to the zoo and the football games but he'll also be able to pick him up from school, take him to the park with Atticus and be present for the boy scout derby races.  My dad has wanted to live close for years and with a grandson in the picture, it has become an even bigger priority.  On Bennett's birthday I don't imagine him wearing a floral hat, but I could definitely see him dressed as the guest of honor in a monkey suit.

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