Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Best Friend

I hate to admit a part of me was afraid to have a baby because I didn't want to share Rocky.  I knew he would fall in love with our child and I would only get to keep a part of him for myself.  He's so good at supporting, providing and caring, it was hard to believe that it wouldn't all be for just me anymore.  At some point, I came to the realization that I couldn't be selfish anymore because those same things he was so good at would be the same things that would make him a great father.

Sadly, I've learned I have to share Bennett too.  He is so enamored with his father, it seems Bennett already knows he has a best friend for life.  I can be feeding him and he'll hear Rocky's voice two floors away and he'll turn around to look for him.  He will stop crying at the sight of his dad entering the room.  I have to work hard to get the giggles, but Rocky just has to smile.  It is hard knowing that I am the one doing all of the work and Rocky gets to take all of the credit. 

Yet, I know Bennett is so lucky to have him for a dad.  Rocky is good at the baby stuff, the raspberries on the tummy, the bedtime lullabies and the storybook readings.  But Bennett is only going to get luckier as the years go by.  Rocky has a true passion for cartoons and can't wait to share his love with his son.  There will be put put outings and a lifetime of Saturdays watching SEC football.  He'll teach him how to make pancakes and tie a tie. 

Bennett is going to have the best best friend in his father.  I know Rocky to be a good listener, a good adviser, and a strong shoulder to cry on.  I've been lucky enough to have him for a best friend for nine years and Bennett gets him for life. 

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