Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday: Welcome to the Jungle

Let’s count the number of things wrong with this picture.

1) Face cutouts are for kids, right? Me, Jane, has a figure that would make Barbie blush.

2) Zoos are for kids, right?  I am not so sure that describing your time as a “swinging good” one is exactly appropriate.

3) I think they copied that monkey from the infamous Grease Monkey beer ad.  Very questionable for age appropriate behavior.

4) You know what they say about a man with big feet.

5) Bennett is looking more and more like Tarzan, or rather Mary, when she was little. Too bad you can only see her from the eyes up. I guess the hair has a resemblance, no?

In the meantime, welcome to the jungle that is my life in the midst of a cross-country relocation disaster. Be prepared for lots of whining about packing, cleaning, showing, juggling dogs and babies and hiding the evidence that either exist. Maybe I just need to take Bennett to Naples until the packing, cleaning and selling is all behind me. Moving, my friends, is not a swinging good time.

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