Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thoughtless Thursday

Do you ever have those days where your brain stops working?  Like maybe you've officially burned all your brain cells watching Bravo?  No, just me?  Ok, well anyway, here is an iPhone photo dump to help you survive the blog post draught. 

Did you know that sippy cups mate and have babies and multiply in odd numbers?  Sadly, they also die in multiples.  Why can't they make a sippy cup that works and keeps on working?

Speaking of sippy cups, look at this big boy.  It looks like he should have something in a beer coozie not a sippy, amiright?  When did he get so old?  I have a small person in my house these days.

I have a small person that likes to go on long walks on the beach, or at least the neighborhood sidewalk.  Knowing his love of sticks and stones, I don't think he could handle the excitement over the sand anyway.  Or at least his taste buds couldn't.
Also in my neighborhood?  Ducks.  They apparently enjoy a swim every now and again, even in chlorine infested waters.  It's proving to be ideal entertainment for dogs, cats and small people alike.

And on an entirely different note...I read this quote recently and think it is so perfect, I had to share, from blogger Rebecca Woolf:

"One of the greatest gifts of parenthood is the act of routinely falling harder and even more in love with one's children. If this comes off as saccharine and totally annoying, I don't care. It's true...there are times when I'll take a look at one of my kids and fall over inside. It's equal parts, who are you and I'm not worthy." 

I see that little boy and his wonder for the ducks and the blocks, and the JUICE JUICE JUICE and I can't help but feel the same way.  When Kenny Chesney asked what is the secret to life, I can't help but feel I've already found it.  So, maybe I am not entirely thoughtless.

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