Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tisket a Tasket Buckets Make a Good Basket

For a boy who loves to be outside and loves to pick up rocks, sticks, and clean the house, a bucket seemed like a better bunny solution than a basket.  Momma was right.
The weather was beautiful in Walland for a second year in a row.  Mark my words, next year, we'll be forced to wear galoshes and snow pants.
 He did pretty well in church, all things considered.  He made it through his favorite parts of the service, just in time to be excused to go play with the big kids in a game of play laundry.
He knew just what to do when it came time to hunt eggs.  Looks like his school tuition is finally paying off.  That practice round of egg hunting prepared him for selecting just the right egg, shaking the plastic thing to listen for contents and dumping it in his bucket. 

He had a good time with his cousin Harper too.  She gladly traded for the pink ones.  They exchanged hugs, held hands and went on wagon rides.

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