Monday, April 30, 2012

What We Learned: 18 Months

I have heard from other parents repeatedly, this is the best age.  No, really it is.  While I feel that way nearly everyday (except for the teething age), I also feel like I cry "he's so big."  No, really, he is.  He is growing and learning and thriving everyday.  I think because I revel in this, really, this is the best age- age, it is hard to believe that the next one could get any better.  And then it does.  But sadly, the growing doesn't stop.  I love this tiny person age, this tiny person size.  I want him to get bigger, stronger, smarter, but with each new inch, new ounce, new learned skill, we're leaving behind the baby, toddler, and little boy he was just a day ago.  I know I am going to miss this and it's hard not to see the passing of time as the closing of a chapter. 

Bennett learned he can reach things on the kitchen counter.

We learned nothing is safe.

Bennett learned to love sticks.

We learned he doesn't like worms.

Bennett learned he doesn't like to share.

We learned that mine can be a person's favorite word.

Bennett learned to pull hair, earrings, and tails.

We learned that nothing is safe from sticky fingers.

Bennett learned to give hugs when you are sad.

We learned Bennett has a heart of gold.

PS, his monthly photo is coming, but bedtimes and wake up times were not cooperating...

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