Monday, November 5, 2012

He's Sceered

Along with his newfound understanding of emotions is his newfound fear of fear.  He was never afraid of the dark, thunder, bugs, or the fiscal cliff until just recently.  Now, he always had an unfounded distaste of headwear, but that didn't pose a problem last halloween when he willingly donned a cow costume.  This year, things were a little different.

Rocky's cousin loaned us her daughter's Cat in the Hat costume and I was so excited for Bennett to wear it.  I stayed up late the night before fixing the hat and assembling the fuzzy white belly shirt.  We had been talking up the costume, reading him the book, and occassionally catching an episode of the show on PBS.  When the time came he cried at the hat, pulled off the bow tie and tried to rip apart the belly.  I was so sad and now we were running late for school.

I ran upstairs and ruffled through his old baby clothes and borrowed his future Christmas overalls.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  We got to school l.a.t.e. only to find that he was the only one already dressed for the halloween party.  Because of course.

At least he looked cute from behind.
 Fear has also translated to hatred of smiling at the camera.
Unless I want a mug like this. 
Worst of all, very few people recognized his last-minute get-up.
On top of costume meltdowns, we made it late to a party an then didn't get a single trick or treater!  At least sweet cards from Grandma June can put this kid in the spirit. 

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