Friday, November 30, 2012

What We Learned: 25 Months

Even with his mouth full of cheeseburger, this boy is a talker.  He is a storyteller.  He is astute and curious, asking questions and more often, giving directions.  Some might call that bossy, but we'll just say he's opinionated. 

Bennett learned to properly say pizza.

We learned how sad it is to say good bye to his baby talk, but at least we still have "gank you."

Bennett learned to be (video) camera shy.

We learned we may never get a "gank you" on tape.

Bennett learned to whine his way into getting what he wants.

We learned that secret to a dinner out is youtube and an Iphone.

Bennett learned how to feed the cows and turkeys.

We learned that Bennett thinks the calves are his babies.

Bennett learned the words to "Wheels on the Bus," and "Going on a Bear Hunt."

We learned what windshield wipers, bus drivers and caves can be relevant to just about any conversation.

Bennett learned to correctly identify guitar, drum and piano in a song.

We learned that it doesn't take much to be more musically inclined than his parents. 

Bennett learned to say "getta outta my way."

We learned that 24 months isn't too long to wait to hear "I love you."

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