Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Last week I did something I rarely do. I didn’t put on a Suit and Tie. I played hooky. It was about time I spent some time with My Kind of Girls. We know this girl needed it.
Mel, Aubrey and I are no strangers to finding an excuse for a reunion, even if it happens on a Wednesday in Indianapolis. I certainly didn’t mind the drive because I had more than Four Minutes to myself. More like four hours to think about Rock Your Body and Bringing My Sexy Back.
This was no Summer Love. This was a ride with intermittent flurries and frozen wiper fluid. Miles after miles of snow covered plains that reminded me over and over again that What Goes Around Comes Around. Comes Around Comes Back Around. With a pile of snow.
But a random trip to the heartland is worth it with or without the Casanova. I needed my Senoritas. They listened to me Cry Me a River. They were like my Mirror, trying to pull me through, saying “you just gotta be strong.”
Then we composed ourselves and made sure Justin Timberlake would Give it To Me, with a full band, (tubas included!), light effects, travelling stage and some hunky back up dancers.
It was a great reminder that I don’t need a superstar to Let The Groove In, just a few Sexy Ladies. Now we’re planning another trip, it’s just Why, When, How? Because these girls are My Love, Until the End of Time. 

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