Sunday, December 29, 2013

What We Learned: 38 Months

This monthly check-in seems to coincide nicely with the end of the year. When I try to recollect all the things that the past month has taught us, it's hard not to think of what the past year has taught me. 2013 was the year of no pants. Yes, dear readers, my 38-month old munchkin has become a pseudo-nudist. I'm sure I'm supposed to be embarrassed about this fact, but the truth is I love it. You just never know what you might find when you come home from the grocery store or come down stairs, or enter the playroom. My little pants-less wonder is still a wonder, even after 38 months.

Bennett learned that in the winter, the house is freezing.

We learned that while socks are necessary, pants are not.

Bennett learned to take his clothes off.

We learned that unfortunately, he still needs our help putting them back on.

Bennett learned two verses to "Jingle Bells."

We learned that hahahaha is best sung in a toddler falsetto.

Bennett learned that Christmas is for candy.

We learned Bennett has "hands good for opening presents."

Bennett learned to roll dough, use a cookie cutter and dust sprinkles.

We learned that his new favorite phrase is "howbou howbou howbout." Also known as "how about" on repeat.

Bennett learned that Santa gives toys to boys who share.

We learned that even dozens of cookies will not compensate for one missing.

Bennett learned that tennis shoes are not made for puddle jumping.

We learned that Bennett thinks all hats in the house belong to him.

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