Friday, August 6, 2010

Flashback Friday: Swingin London Fashion

In August of 1996 my family jumped across the pond for a two week vacation to London and Ireland. It was the first trip for all of us to go abroad and Mary and I agonized for weeks over just the right outfit to wear in Jolly London. And this is what we came up with. Let's analyze further, shall we?

Jean Shorts, so versatile, the fashion icon Daisy Duke made them popular. Here I am sporting the fashion in the ever flattering distressed dye variety.

Sandals with socks. Sure jean shorts may be coming back in style, but can we hope the same cannot be said of the sandals with sock? How about the folded over sandals with sock. Feeling a little cheeky? Go for purple. Its smashing with a pink top you stole from your big sister.

Baby doll shirt. Probably not intended for the late bloomer. Hot stuff.

Not quite pictured: the mini backpack. You can see the lovely black leather straps, but not the hip green plaid pattern. It was groovy baby, trust me.

So here we are, merrily sitting on the steps of the Canadian Embassy in Trafalgar Square drinking our Coca Colas and dining on turkey sandwiches that tasted like fish. In these getups. This my friends is the picture that we all loved so much from our trip we had made into a modest framed canvas print, only in 20"x30". I'd love to be embarassed that my parents chose this moment to treasure forever. However, let's be honest, I haven't improved much in the fashion plate category in the past 14 years. So I cannot wait to look back on my trip to Paris in another decade and mock my clothes then too. It won't take ten years to poke fun at that look. My first day in Paris I decided to model the German military look of the 1940s, always something to aspire to.

When will I ever learn?!

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