Monday, August 16, 2010

Raise the Roof

For an early birthday present, our good friend Tom gave me a new roof. I'm a lucky lucky girl. Saturday morning, Tom, Rocky and Bobby tore off part of the roof on the dining room extension. The blizzards in December and February did a number on our 80 year old house. Of course, we didn't realize that the roof had also fallen victim to the tons of snow until this summer when I realized that the back of the house looked a little saggy. (Note to self, take a before picture before the guys show up at 10:00 am and start tearing apart your house.)

Sure, Tom has never built a house, nevertheless rebuilt a roof from the trusses up. We were desperate to give it a try before doling out thousands of dollars to a contractor who can smell a sucker (or the super glue that normally constitutes home repairs in this family) a mile away. And so far, so good.
The very scary during phase (also pictured, the very scary rotten boards)

Don't worry, I only let Rocky up there with adult supervision.
Ta da! The After.

Tom, for all of your hard work Saturday and all of the "how to build a roof" googling you did Friday, this post's for you.

Shrimp and Kings Presents: Real Man of Genius
(Real man of Genius)
Today we salute you. Mr. Holmes on Holmes Taught Roof Builder
(Holmes on Holmes Taught Roof Builder)
With your steel-toed boots and your tool belt, you're a real inspiration.
Getting paid with beer and pizza...
(We all knew those Kings were cheap)
Sure there's danger, high ladders, asbestos insulation, wives afraid of liability, Rocky with a power saw.
(Watch out for those power chords)
Your keen instincts tell you that Bob Villa has nothing on you. And if it doesn't work, who cares? It's your buddy's house.
(Who can't hang a curtain without you)
So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Builder Boy. Because if this don't work, we know a lawyer or two.
(Mr. Holmes on Holmes Taught Roof Builder!)

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