Monday, August 30, 2010

Richmond-Land Delight

I know that relationship compatibility has a great deal to do with finding a mate who enjoys doing similar things. What happens when you cannot neatly identify what that might be? We are not hikers, world travelers or gourmands. What we have in common makes us seem simple as old folk. Rocky and I both enjoy discussing politics, college football, shopping and watching television. I guess that is why a little road trip to Richmond, Virginia can make me all mushy. It was a great trip to unwind and do all the little things we like doing, like living out our golden years in our twenties.

We didn’t do anything particularly extraordinary. We did a little boutique shopping and driving the streets of Richmond taking in the pretty old houses. It reminded me of when we were still in college, we’d explore Nashville and I would point out the houses I wouldn’t mind calling home.
This one wouldn't be so bad.

Another lovely trip down memory lane was tea time at the Jefferson. On our honeymoon, our resort had afternoon tea. It was a great excuse to get out of the sun and take a break from the rum punch. In Richmond, there were no waves crashing in the background, copious amounts of Caribbean dill were blissfully absent, and my camera didn’t fog up in the humidity.



We had to walk off the strawberry macaroons, cucumber sandwiches and chocolate scones. Rocky taught me a little about Civil War history as we made our way to the Capitol, past one of Robert E. Lee’s homes and to the monument to Stonewall Jackson.

Anyone else find it ironic that they called this man a patriot?

Then it was back to more eating. We cashed in a gift certificate for a lovely four course meal at the Melting Pot. It made me feel like I was living on the edge, not getting home until after 11 and being one of the last ones there at closing.
Sunday was a bit back to reality as we took our time driving the two hours back to Arlington.

From tea and crumpets to Hemnes, Fjelse and Mörrum. This time there were no Whitley’s available to help assemble the newest purchases for B. B. King.
We got sidetracked in Fredericksburg attempting to find a Sonic, wooed by the gourmet meals at Wegman’s, and safely made it back to town with furniture, frames and tilapia in tow.

I feel very lucky to have found someone who enjoys the mundane and the ordinary as much as I do. We spent our last weekend before college football, the last free weekend for the next eighteen years, at maternity shops, with fondue pots, and “requires some assembly” particle board furniture. It is certainly a good thing I found him before the age of online dating. I am not quite sure how many matches I would have made with such stimulating material.


  1. two comments-- 1) nice work posting pictures of yourself that do not include a baby bump. 2) is rocky growing a mustache?

  2. No mustache for me. I could not stand the shame in comparing my mustache to Collin's beard.