Monday, September 13, 2010

Things that may or may not have caused me to cry in the past week

Let’s play a game. You comment and tell me which ones are true or false.

1. My boss asking me to pick something up on the printer. True, it was on my way, but I again
made a poor footwear choice and the ten feet seemed so far…

2. The priest mentioning Tennessee in church on Sunday.

3. Contemplating the deeper meaning of replacing the brakes on the SUV.

4. Rocky had the sniffles and I couldn’t sleep.

5. Atticus doesn’t need a mid-day walk anymore and we had to let the Greatest Dog Walker In
the World go.

6. I ran a load of laundry and couldn’t remember if I used soap.

7. Realizing that my mom cannot quit her job to come take care of me for a month. That’s right,
I said me. I obviously need moral support here. The baby can fend for itself.

Hormones yo! I got them. I can share. Really, I don’t mind.

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