Friday, September 3, 2010

Flashback Friday: Moonlight Serenade

Chandni was my first friend in AOPi beyond the girls I knew prior to rush. I remember her introducing herself the first night as "Sean, like the boys name, duh" (slapping her forehead) "knee" pointing to her joint as if to say, "I know you all go to Vandy, but you are a sorority girl now and I don't know if you know what I mean." You could imagine she had lived most of her life as the only Indian girl in town and had spent a lifetime pronouncing her name this way. But I was so excited! I had left behind a circle of Indian girlfriends in Minnesota and here was a girl who either had a great sense of humor, or was just as overwhelmed as I was. I was lucky to learn she was both.She is warm, charming and her humble attitude makes her endearing to everyone she meets. She knows her talents are going to take her far. After a silly argument in college she warned me that when she was the next Oprah I was not invited on her private plane. I told her I wasn't so worried since I'd be flying on Air Force One anyway. Like I was saying, we were both very humble.
The girl has listened to hours of boy drama, bad dates, whining about jobs, whining about finances, whining about moves and houses and leaking roofs. The poor thing is a good listener and gets stuck with hearing it all. She's been my champion for nearly a decade. Telling me to brush myself off and get back on the horse, but not on the dance floor since I happened to tear my ACL at her 20th birthday. When I had to miss our first party of the year since I was one day post-op, she filmed the party for me so I wouldn't feel like I had missed a minute. She walked around the party interviewing the guests and recording all the music and food and crazy outfits I was missing. I'm sure her date appreciated the fact that he was being upstaged by a gimpy roommate.The best part is everyone feels lucky to be around her, your parents, your husband, your overly enthusiastic dog. Even homeless men on the street can't help themselves from interrupting her. She is one of those people you just want to be around because she makes you feel good about where you've been and where you are going, despite poor clothing/date/career choices.

Chandni likes to celebrate birthdays even more than I do. And I know many people feel just as honored as I do to celebrate the day with her. She could invite her mail man and they would be more than happy to attend. In thirty-two years and one day, when we are roasting her in honor of her sixtieth birthday, I sure hope some of these photos make the show. Happy Birthday Cpatel!

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