Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enter At Your Own Risk

Saturday night, we had some very special visitors, the Strubs. I had been following my childhood friend, Erica’s blog since her son,Sawyer, was just a baby. It was so crazy to see him in the flesh after reading about him for years. And now, Sawyer is a big brother. I got to watch little Spencer toddling through my house, eating cheerios and playing with my dog. It is hard to believe how much time has passed and how much things have changed since the days of Erica and I played with Amanda and Mikey, our Magic Nursery Babies.

The evening taught me more than how quickly time flies. I learned our house is a death trap. There are scary stairs, all the better for toddlers to climb. There are pointy sticks in the yard, all the better for boys to dismember the dog. There are curtain cords, all the better for swinging, pulling and swallowing. There are hard edged tables and glass front media stands. It would only take one clumsy fall to smash the glass to smithereens and send a baby to the emergency room.

I swear we were holding our breath during their visit, praying that a couple of bruises would be the only lasting evidence of a trip to our danger zone, and not a plaster cast or some stitches. I had been sweating over snacks when I should have been buying outlet covers, gates and padding for the walls.

Sawyer and Spencer taught me that I have a lot to do to prepare for a mobile child. They also taught me we have so much to look forward to, the cartoons, the toy cars, the inquisitive mind, the curious questions and really good hugs. Thank you to the Strubs for making an extra-special side trip. We can’t wait to see you again!

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