Friday, April 29, 2011

What We Learned: 6 Months

Bennett is six months old today, halfway to one year.  He's half baby, half toddler.  His chubby baby legs stand like a toddler.  His baby cheeks make toddler expressions.  He eats baby food but posesses a toddler's appetite.  It's a wake up call to relish these baby moments before he's walking and talking and off picking up chicks on the playground. 

Bennett learned to rollover. Finally!

Bennett learned to sit up.

We learned that that normal is different for every baby. And boys are slow.

Bennett learned to swallow solids.

Bennett learned he loves sweet potatoes.

We learned that once you give a kid food with flavor, don’t expect him to eat the boring stuff, like cereal. He’ll probably bypass the pears and applesauce for curry and wasabi.

Bennett learned to reach.

Bennett learned that coffee is hot.

We learned that nothing is safe from those little hands anymore.

Bennett learned to pass a toy from one hand to another.

Bennett learned to hold a spoon.

We learned Bennett is an adaptable baby but do not mess with this kid’s bedtime!

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