Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This is your baby on Gerber

Those know-it-all parenting books had lots of markers to look for to help parents identify whether their baby was ready to start solid foods. He had been for weeks, but the know-it-all parenting books like to make you feel guilty for starting anything early. However, the babysitter attempted to give him a banana one day last week on a whim. I was livid. It was one of those firsts that working moms wouldn’t have to miss. She did it without my permission then laughed as she told me about how he spit it all back out.

I decided to hell with those know-it-all parenting books. If I didn’t give him his second taste of solids, he’d be eating cheeseburgers without me there to witness. I mixed a bit of rice cereal with milk. He wanted nothing to do with it.  See the ridiculousness for yourself.

The next day, I decided to try again. He needed to get familiar with the idea of a spoon, the food, the swallowing. Apparently, try, try again works. I put that spoon in his mouth and he wanted to hold the spoon.
He licked his lips.
He swallowed.
Then, he face planted into the bowl.
Give me more.
He may be Daddy's #1 Draft pick, but he really is his mother’s child.  And the kid really needs a haircut.

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