Friday, April 29, 2011

Flashback Friday: The King Farm

This past weekend we loaded up the car and took Bennett to the King farm. It was his first visit to the farm of what will sure be many. My parents, especially my dad, were so excited to give Bennett an in-depth tour of the farm. Our family has owned the farm since the 1850s. Aaron Burns acquired the property and he along with his family raised livestock, vegetables and even had apple orchards. A few apple trees still remain today.
Aaron’s son, James Burns, was the next owner of the farm. James and his wife Nancy Waters built a log house on the property. The chimney from that quaint home still remains. I grew up with my cousins playing around that chimney. In fact, it has served as the backdrop for many photo ops. Bennett unfortunately had not mastered standing on his own yet and his mother expressed some concern about her son standing on a pile of loosely piled rocks.
Little Rocky 1980 something
I guess we will have to come back soon so Bennett, the seventh generation in our family can proudly climb those rocks much like his dad, granddad, and many others before us did. I am pretty certain my dad won’t object. He just may request that Bennett find some new sunglasses.

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