Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rotten Apples

My dear readers know two very important things about me: I have bad taste in footwear and I am spoiled rotten. While it is just another day of shoe-icide, I was going to try to hide this day of spoiling from my adoring fan-base. However, all ten of you have endured months of boogers and diapers. How dare I ignore the first legitimate source excitement in the King house since the epic day of soufflé?

I can no longer keep it to myself, Momma got an iPhone.

Those who know me well know I hate change. New phones=change. Change=bad. My old phone had brick breaker and texting. What more could a girl ask for? A new phone would mean learning how to give up the right click mindset. But when I discovered I could blog from my phone and take pictures, all bets were off. I had to have one.

Rocky rarely pays any mind to my wish lists and hyperlinks to Williams-Sonoma when it comes to gift giving. This is probably a good thing because I am notorious for asking for things like cookbooks and muffin tins. He took the Apple hint and worked very diligently to keep the spoiling a secret until Mother’s Day. Verizon is apparently run by a rag-tag team of incompetent orphans and they managed to disconnect my old phone, spill the beans when I called customer service to inquire and break Rocky’s heart.

I wasn't helping as I whined about having to learn a new operating system.  No more right click.  Texts are in a different place.  My opposable thumbs aren't quite opposable enough for those tiny buttons. 

But I love it. It wasn’t a Navy Seal operation. It wasn’t a royal affair. But it is going to change my life and yours. Now you will get copious amounts of updates that look like this:
You're welcome.

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