Friday, May 27, 2011

Flashback Friday: Dishwasher Darling

My dad is the oldest of nine kids.  My grandparents could have a nice little assembly line going doing yard work, the laundry, housecleaning and in the kitchen.  As the kids grew up and moved out, it was quite the adjustment taking over household responsibilities, or so I imagine.  When I would visit, it was quite the treat; they had fresh bait to take over the chores.  As soon as I was tall enough to see over the kitchen counter while standing on a step stool, I was assigned dishwashing duties. 

That smile is an act.
I loathed doing the dishes.  My grandfather was a professional chef there was never a simple meal at home.  He made homemade barbecue sauce, chow mein, bread, dumplings, you name it.  He used every pot and pan in the kitchen and then served it to at least eight of us on any given night.  Let me just say, there were a lot of dishes.  Good thing Bennett is tall, it won't be long until he gets his turn.

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