Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Because Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People

You all have heard me whine about working in a male dominated office.  It's conservative and I don't want to prance around the office in a tight-fitting top.  It's dull and I don't want to stand out in a colorful sheath dress. It's old and they don't know the difference between Mossimo and Milly.  Maybe that's why I dress like an administrative professional from Scranton. 

If I had to categorize my style, I would have to point to Pam Beesly. Pam Beesly, not Halpert. When Pam from the Office got married, her wardrobe improved a bit. She wore more figure flattering tops in brighter colors, skirts that fell above the knee, and I don't think I ever saw her wear pants again.
Pretty sure I wore a get-up like this last week.  I know I've even experienced an equally bad hair day.
Pam, nice shirt.  You shop at Banana Republic outlet too?!
So, yeah, my bad taste in fashion goes beyond my bad taste in shoes. My work wardrobe is sad. Pathetic. Regrettable. When I dart out at lunch, I pray I won't bump into someone I know. Most days, I eat at the office, hiding the ill-fitting skirts, baggy blouses and style-less cardigans behind my desk. Last summer, I could use my pregnancy as an excuse. Now, I am back into clothes I haven't worn in almost two years. They were unfortunate then, and they are even worse today.

I'd love to hire a personal shopper or one of those life coach/closet organizer types to do a consult. Sadly, I'm working with a Dunder-Mifflin like budget.  Any more style-savvy readers than I have advice?  How do I fix this?  Where do I begin?  Any must-have recommendations?  I can't hide behind Bennett or my desk forever.  Help!

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