Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's My Blog and I can Procrastinate if I Want Too

A Photo Essay and a Typical Week In Review
Last week, I discovered a nest in our holly tree. Sadly, Bennett wasn't as excited as I was.

Saturday, we hosted a Derby party with our friends Tom and Amber.  Tom fancies himself a hobbyist mixologist.  His need to perfect his mint julep recipe coincided nicely with our need to dress Bennett in precious seersucker baby gear.  The ever-talented Miss Whitley made him the most perfect bow-tie outfitted romper.  Even Uncle Bobby had to admit B was adorable. 
Sunday I took a picture.  And, oh yeah, it was my first Mother's Day.  We continued the theme of the weekend playing Southern wannabes.  Rocky made me my favorite fried chicken and baked apples.  It was divine, as was the rest of my "It's your first Mother's Day and you don't have to change diapers" kind of day.  It was the sortof day that you know can never be matched as the years pass. I know the holiday will eventually get muddled with baseball playoffs and dance recitals, but I will always remember just how simply perfect the first one was.
I took a picture of a flower.  I know that's the kind of update you were hoping for.
One day last week Bennett started doing this, for long stretches of time.  He was sitting up unassisted for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes.  Sadly, I think it is the end of my favorite past time.  Bennett invented his own game where I would pull him into sitting, then he'd look at me and hurtle himself back down.  He giggled every time.  I don't think the novelty of falling will be so much fun now that he's mastered the art of sitting. 
The big-boyness kept on coming.  One day he was sitting in his little chair on the table when I noticed him using his legs to scoot around.  The candlesticks and flowers were gonners.  It was time to bust out the big guns and introduce him to the high chair.  Sadly, he doesn't love the homemade squash that I made to break in the new chair.  Typical.

And last week the Shrimp and Kings Turned One.  Happy Birfday to the Blog!


  1. This post made me laugh out loud.

  2. Bennett is wearing seersucker and Rocky is drinking his julep out of the correct glass. I love the Kings!