Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday: Boston Baby

My parents wanted to be sure that my sister and I were well-rounded, well-traveled kids. Being exposed to new cities through their parks, museums, landmarks and various McDonald's locations were important to our upbringing. We took weekend trips to Lake Superior, family visits to Florida and educational tours to New York, Arkansas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. I came out on the other end valuing history, culture art and just exactly how the local water affects the taste of bagels and the McNugget.

Our travel education started young. I was just a few months old when I made my first trip to Florida. Mary was just shy of two when our family went to Massachusetts. We went to Bunker Hill, paacked a caa at Haavad Yaad, and apparently visited the famous Swan Boats. Sadly, I do not recall these things. My one memory of our great family trip to Boston is the day my sister lost it.

Little Mary had a famous case of the terrible twos. We were sitting on a bus, on our way to Salem to learn about the witches when Mary became possessed herself. My sweet, chubby-cheeked sister took off her shoe and threw it out the window. We all had to get off the bus, my very first city-bus experience, mind you and go chase down her errant shoe. My parents were embarrassed. Mary thought it was funny. We never did make it to Salem.

I see a little bit of those chubby cheeks on Bennett's face. I just hope he doesn't also inherit that flair for the dramatic.

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