Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday: Bar Boy

Three and a half years ago, we gathered to celebrate our friends Chris and Katie's wedding.  When two former school classmates walk down the aisle, it's a good excuse for a reunion and another opportunity to reminisce.  But, you would think that with a table of reasonably intelligent lawyers, they'd pick up on a subtle detail.  We were seated at "October 17, 2007."  It took appetizers, the salad course and a story from the bride for us to realize October 17 was also Pass Day.  You would think passing the bar is an unforgettable event, no?

I left Rocky home with Bennett the week before the bar exam.  The last time around, I distracted Rocky from studying with a move, a wedding and a honeymoon.  I hope a few nights apart and a few night shifts with the baby don't change the outcome.  Send the boy lots of positive thoughts and a few prayers this week!

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