Friday, July 29, 2011

What We Learned: Nine Months

This past month has served up plenty of change.  While Bennett got off to a rough start, he learned to roll with the punches and adapt to the new people, new places, new sounds and new schedules.  I think all of this newness has led Bennett to cling to the old and familiar, mainly mom.  I certainly don't mind.  He's learned to show his old lady lots of love.

Bennett learned to reach his arms out for me.

We learned that a two bedroom condo is a tight fit for four adults, a baby and a dog.

Bennett learned to clap.

We learned how to harmonize to "yay Bennett."

Bennett learned that mobility is a good thing.

We learned to live with a month's worth of clutter in one bedroom.

Bennett learned that you can get from one point to another rolling.

We learned that we have too much stuff.

Bennett learned to wiggle his butt.

We learned that we couldn't have done this without the grandparents and the world's greatest aunt.

Bennett learned to give kisses, just in time to show his appreciation.

You'd think with all this stuff, we'd have thought to pack the camera chords.  Yay Bennett and Yay for iPhones!

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