Friday, July 8, 2011

Flashback Friday: Tooth Fairy

I remember the day I lost my first tooth like it was yesterday.  Being one of the youngest students in my class growing up, I was always behind on the developmental milestone curve compared to my peers.  That poor six year old was just devastated that she had yet to lose a tooth!

I was totally delighted to learn that bottom tooth was finally beginning to budge.  I worked on that little tooth for days and days.  It eventually popped out and I ran around the house showing it off to my disgusted parents and jealous baby sister.  Victory and bloody gums were mine!

Perhaps I got a bit too excited because in all of my celebrating, that baby tooth went flying into the air and disappeared.  I cried buckets knowing that I had lost my chance of a big tooth fairy payout.  My parents tried to console me and promised that the tooth fairy would undoubtedly make an exception for losing my first tooth twice in one day.  I wasn't going to give up and I found that tooth miraculously before bedtime to tuck it safely under my pillow.

When I called my sister to give her the big news that Bennett's top teeth were coming in, I worried that they were a little, shall we say, big for baby teeth?  She told me not to worry, he'd lose them one day.  I had to remind poor Mary that they would just come in even bigger!  At least with teeth that size, I don't have to worry about losing them in the couch cushions.

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