Friday, October 14, 2011

Flashback Friday: Pass Day Part Deux

Pass Day 2007 was a triumph.  Rocky's posse of attorney pals all passed on their first try.  We went to happy hour that evening to celebrate and stayed out way past my bedtime.  Take two was a little less splashy.  Instead of cocktails and champagne there were sippy cups and high chairs.

They were all new to their jobs and money was burning a hole in their pocket.  After three years of student loans and the socratic method, they were ready to celebrate their entrance to the bar with copious amounts of adult beverages and copious amounts of lawyer jokes.

Last Friday we celebrated Pass Day Part Deux with dinner at 5 and an array of baby purees.  The restaurant was swarming with bibs and strollers with nary a nixed drink in sight.  So, it was a little more laid back, a little more intimate, but I'm just as proud and grateful and delighted as before.  I must be, because I never seem to face the camera on pass day.

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