Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Walk This Wednesday

We have spent weeks and months crouching over to help the boy walk.  Our backs are sore and his arms are about to pop out of their sockets.  Then, tonight, he let go.  He walked to my sister.  I wasn't looking.  I missed his first step.  But I was there for the second, third and fourth steps.
Had I known that this would be THE photo opportunity, I wouldn't have put him in such prissy pants.  Good thing you can't see the teddy bear on his dupa.  And yes, those are size nine month pants.
And this is why Steve Jobs invented iPhones.
Proud momma and yay Bennett!

Today his report card from daycare said they practiced walking.  Now, I'm wondering if that isn't the daycare teacher's way of acknowledging he took his first steps.  She was being nice, wasn't she?  Nah, we totally caught his second step on camera!

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