Friday, October 7, 2011

Flashback Friday: Vino

When we lived in Virginia, visiting the vineyards on one of our favorite past times.  We would get a big group together, pack a lunch and drive to Loudon County and spend an afternoon tasting wines and pretending it didn't all taste like dirt.  One year, our resident social chair planned a fabulous thirtieth birthday fete with a limo and lunch and we hardly recognized that we were drinking swill.  Folks, Virginia Viognier is no California Chardonnay.

We were sad to leave the Virginia Wine Trail behind. Despite sips of downright smoky whites and tipsy acquaintances congratulating me for my "child bearing hips," it was a lovely way to spend the day. After giving our out of town wedding guests a bottle of fine Tennessee wine as a welcome gift, I know that Tennessee can't compete even compete with Virginia Vintners.

Or so I thought. In an effort to show Rocky the Real Nashville, we visited Kix Brook's winery, Arrington. My mom took Bennett for the afternoon so Rocky and I could take an afternoon drive and enjoy some fine wine in a plastic cup and a $10 block of cheese. The scenery is just as good, if not better. Shockingly, the wine was just as good, if not better. That my friends is because Kix and his friends know that try as they might, grapes should be grown in California. It may be a Tennessee vineyard, but that is one fine California wine!

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