Sunday, October 30, 2011

What We Learned: 12 months

Bennett learned to crawl.
We learned to never say never.
Bennett learned to walk.
We learned to value the camera.
Bennett learned to climb the stairs.
We learned it’s finally time to baby proof.
Bennett learned to say mom.
We learned about playing favorites.
Bennett learned that dog bowls make for great toys.
We learned that sometimes the house can be too quiet.
Bennett learned he loves string cheese, spaghetti, peas, yogurt, peaches, oranges and blueberries.
I learned I could breastfeed for twelve months.  And longer.
Bennett learned that daycare is his happy place.
We learned our son can be a leader and not a follower.
Bennett learned that two naps are for babies.
We learned that one month can bring a lot of change, a whole year even more and we have a whole life of learning ahead.

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