Friday, December 16, 2011

He's Making a List

It isn't Bennett's first Christmas, but the little boy is a little more aware of his surroundings these days and I am very tempted to spoil this precious child silly.  But he doesn't know it's Christmas, and we have a lifetime of Christmases to buy him toys and gear and ponies.  What is a momma to do? 
Ok, so he can't spell, or write, or even hold a pen upright.  Details.  But Bennett is making his Christmas list.  It goes something like this:

Oranges, preferably with the peel still on

Toilet Paper

A magic machine that allows diaper changes to happen while standing up, maybe even while still moving!

What his momma would love to get him:
A baby doll.  We tried one out in the store and Bennett gave her a kiss.  Rocky won't let me.
A kid-size table and chairs.  Space is very limited in our townhouse.  We would have to remove the high chair or the couch to get one of these to squeeze in to our little abode.
A play refrigerator.  The big people version is his favorite toy in the house.  Again, the space issue, but he always walks away from the real one with freezing hands and a mouth full of orange peel.

What he is getting:
Don't worry, he doesn't read the blog, so I'm not spilling any secrets.
The perfect Bennett-sized teddy bear.  His dad and I were both attached to a stuffed Mickey Mouse and a Minkie respectively.  Sadly, Bennett appears to have no need for self-soothing attachment devices.  This is my last ditch effort.
 A toy that is going to poke his eyeballs out. We loved this puzzle when we tried it out at the library. It makes noise! It has moving parts! It's shiny! I ordered it online and it came with a giant red sticker that says "NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 3" Phooey. Santa is delivering it to him anyway. 

A bowl that sticks to the highchair. Bennett doesn't want it, but I need it. I can only run across the kitchen so quickly. 
Am I missing something?  Any suggestions?  What does a one year old with little space and a short attention span need this Christmas?

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  1. So glad to see that ours is not the only toddler with a toilet paper obsession. I have to keep all the bathroom doors closed for two reasons: (1) paci's in the toilet, and (2) toilet paper unrolled like birthday streamers all over the house.