Thursday, December 29, 2011

What We Learned: Fourteen Months

This kid isn't stopping for anything these days, except for a piece of chocolate or to read a book.  He might take after me, after all!  He's taking after me in other ways as well.  He's become quite affectionate.  He will run over to me and give me big hugs, and he's even taken to cuddling.  I'm certainly not taking the hugs, kisses and loving bite on the nose.

Bennett learned that a bottle is just as good.

I learned that I surpassed my own expectations.

Bennett learned that dad can put him to bed and get up with him too.

I learned that seeing my child need me less still hurts.

Bennett learned that airplanes fly in the sky.

Sometimes that pointer finger is smarter than we give it credit for.

Bennett learned where to put his hat.

We learned he still doesn't like to put it there.

Bennett learned to wave his arms when something or someone is stinky.

We learned that we can't get the video camera working quickly enough.

Bennett learned that the best place to read a book is on my lap.

We learned that we've entered the stage of "read it again."

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