Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Walking in His Winter Underwear

It was four jam-packed days of food, family and merriment up in these parts.  The festivities began bright and early Friday morning.  We celebrated Christmas Eve Eve with a Ski Family breakfast and present opening extravaganza.  We stuffed our faces with breakfast casserole of the egg and french toast varieties.  Both deserved their own time in front of the camera, but instead you get a pile of photos of my kid in pajamas.
You know you're up early when even Grampa looks tired.
The best kind of present.
Opening up his pile of presents was so exhausting that we just packed up the boy pajama-clad and all.  He was angel in the car, sleeping most of the way to Walland.  We got there just in time to help Mimi in the kitchen.
We only had to stop him from eating the raw meat once or twice.
The most enthusiastic present opening?  Pajamas!
Mimi and Poppa put Santa to shame
Pajama Portrait
Oh look, he wears clothes!
The next best thing to wearing pajamas? Wearing nothing!
For a kid that thrives on routine and hates attention, Bennett was awesome with the new people, the new places and rolling with the punches.  I would say he was nearly picture perfect, other than the little show he put on in church.  He stole a few ornaments off the tree and felt compelled to show them off to the congregation, all the while babbling over the preacher man.  Otherwise, it was a beautiful weekend and I am so grateful we have so many beautiful pajama-clad memories to remember it by. 

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  1. The pajamas worn by the Herndon children were very similar to Bennett's. Except they were blue. I wish I was kidding.