Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What We Learned: 19 Months

Bennett grows and changes so quickly, you have to write it down when it happens or you will forget it's different.  He learns something new everyday, a word, a gesture, a trick.  This is the first time I've been away from my boy on his birthaversary.  There is no telling what he will pick up while we're gone.

Bennett learned he can delay a dreaded carseat trip with a hug.

We learned my child is already a manipulative monster with delicious hugs.

Bennett learned to wipe his own mouth with a napkin.

We learned it's impossible to make it to work with clean clothes when suits and dresses make for good napkins too.

Bennett learned to tell Atticus "no."

We learned that while Bennett doesn't like being disciplined, he likes to do the disciplining.

Bennett learned to climb the stairs.

We learned it's time to stock the medicine cabinet with dinosaur bandaids.

Bennett learned to flip pancakes.

We learned not to sit on the griddle, aka the ottoman.

Bennett learned that there are special carts at the grocery store, rocket ships, race cars and motor boats.

We learned that the giggles and squeals are worth the dirty looks and the muscle cramps trying to turn the super mom mobile. 

I promise, photos are coming!

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