Friday, July 20, 2012

Friends in No Places

I've waxed and waned pathetic about friendships here before.  But, I know many people of my age and generation have similar feelings about the subject.  Making friends later in life is hard.  Maintaining friendships later in life is hard. 
Last weekend a fabulous NY Times Article was published that made me feel a little less lonely.  Apparently, it's a common sentiment. 

At least I don't have to resort to this man's tactics:      
"After a move to New York in his 30s, Dave Cervini, a radio station executive, was so lonely that he would walk his cat in Central Park, hoping to stoke conversations."

For those of you that haven't read it, I recommend it.  For my old friends that have stuck by me even as they read about my lack of said friends, I love you, I miss you, we should do lunch.

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