Wednesday, July 25, 2012


You know you married a good egg when he starts a conversation, "You know what would make for a good blog post..."  We were on our way home from a mid-Saturday afternoon lunch and a quick trip to an antique shop (a really good egg!).  He started to put into words the same thought I had been having since purchasing our house.  Only buy what you love, only decorate what you must.

In our last house and our previous apartments, we hurried to fill empty walls, furnish empty rooms and make the beds.  We were left with a whole lot of furniture, decor and even towels that while we wanted it at the time, we didn't like it a year or two later.  The things that we do still admire include a tablecloth, a lamp and a pair of candlesticks.

I suppose that's why the one thing we've purchased together for the house was this:

Yes my friends, that is a cast iron wall-hanging of a cow.  It's about five inches tall and will hopefully serve the very important function of holding keys.

I found it a few weeks ago when I was on the hunt for a console table.  I took a picture because I thought Rocky, the boy who grew up on a cattle farm, would appreciate it.  He couldn't stop thinking about the most perfect key ring for our house ever and we were thrilled to learn that not everyone is searching for the most perfect cast iron cow key ring holder. 

Hopefully, I can keep y'all entertained with more thrilling home updates in the not so distant future. The possibilities are endless when you start the series with a moo!

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