Sunday, July 29, 2012

What We Learned: 21 Months

Last month it was all about imitation.  This month has been all about imagination.  It's so interesting to watch his little mind work.  In the past few weeks, Bennett has been very into make-believe.  He first started with make-believe flipping flap jacks, but now he has taken to imagining himself as disappearing, as imagining carrying a purse, and imagining he's a flying object.

Bennett learned to finish the lines in books.

We learned that everything sounds sweeter in toddler-talk.

Bennett learned to fly like an airplane.
We learned that it's time to invest in a safety railing.

Bennett learned to give booboos and bug bites a kiss.

We learned that Bennett's already bored with the Toddler I classroom.
Bennett learned that the big boys have a lot to teach about baseball and bootball.

We learned that big kids can teach about baseball, bootball and boogers.

We learned that Bennett can fake sleep.

Bennett learned the importance of turn!

We learned that we can't imagine that slip in the kitchen didn't happen, but we did learn you can postpone haircuts long enough to make the booboo heal.

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