Friday, December 3, 2010

Flashback Friday: Family Friends

Growing up, we spent a lot of time socializing with my parent's friend's children. Our parents worked together, were old classmates and neighbors. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve mundane activities like backyard barbecues, Christmas caroling, Miss America pageants and sleigh rides. Then there are some of the more memorable events, like the 1986 World Series Parade and vacations together to exotic locales in Duluth and Door County.

They were my babysitters and my friends. When I was a sixth grader, I learned Christine made the National Honor Society; I made a mental note to figure out what that was and do it myself. Carrie played the role of Maria in the Sound of Music, and I wanted to be in school plays too. If I knew Elyssa was going to jump off a bridge, I'd do the same. I don't think of myself as a lemming, but I was surrounded by a lot of awesome girls who acted as the perfect role models.

My mom's coworker's daughter eventually became my best friend. The first time I ever met Anne was at the Pizza Factory in New Brighton. I remember being introduced and eyeing the girl and thinking my mom was nuts if I'd walk up to a stranger at our new middle school. It was years later that we became friends without our parents' influence.

We have a pretty great group of close friends here. It is neat to know that our children could eventually become the friends and role models to Bennett that I grew up with. Bennett being one of the first babies will probably also grow into some of their role models too. I just hope he isn't jumping off any bridges.

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  1. I was thinking just this weekend about our taking the bus downtown to Christmas shop every year!