Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What We Learned: 2 Months

It's hard to admit that everyday isn't rainbows and sunshine and it's hard not to compare one child to the next. But things get better and better each day. Sure, there are days that we take a step or two backward. One night he is a good sleeper and the next night he seems to have forgotten how. One day he naps in the car and the next day just strapping him into his carseat he screams bloody murder. But with each step and each day forward we learn something new.

Bennett learned how to sneeze milk through his nose. I'm sure it'll be a good party trick one day.

We learned that ceiling fans make for good toys.

Bennett learned to sleep through the night. Last night, he went from 8:30 until 4, and slept through til 9. He may not be consistent, but I'll take what I can get.

We learned to eat quick.

Bennett learned that he doesn't have a limited number of smiles to give away each day. He can smile as many times as he deems appropriate, or as many smiles as raspberries on the belly emit.

I learned that cardigans are a new mom's best friend.

Bennett learned to coo.

We learned that parent's don't need to shop for a baby's first Christmas. People love babies.

Bennett learned that laying on his back makes him happy.

Atticus learned to hold it.

Bennett learned to stay quiet through dinner. On occassion.

We learned that attending church with a newborn requires more stand, sit, kneel than a Catholic mass.

I learned Bennett makes me happy even when the skies are grey.

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