Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sisters, Sisters

Sisters, sisters, sisters. There were never such devoted sisters.

We had such a wonderful week. There was lots of baby time, lots of quality sister time, and lots of 'tis the season time. It was the first time Aunt Mary met baby Bennett. She was in love at first sight. Who could blame her?

Rocky's firm Christmas party happened to fall during Mary's visit. It was a very good opportunity for Rocky and I to try going out, just the two of us. It worked. More or less. Rocky enjoyed a night on the town. Bennett came through with flying colors. Mary survived a few hours of fuss. I checked my phone every ten minutes, living on baby talk the whole time, and I wasn't even the instigator. It was my first time out as a mom, and that is all people cared to know. Good thing I had Mary at home to discuss politics, prose and celebrity gossip.
During her visit, there was lots of celebrating Bennett's first Christmas season, and lots of posing in front of Christmas trees. We braved Arctic temperatures and went to the White House Christmas tree downtown. It was a good thing the hats from Carrie arrived just in time.
Then we set up Bennett's first tree. He may have inherited Rocky's nose, but he inherited my spoiled gene. He already has two very special "First Christmas" ornaments on the tree, including one from London. Let's just hope he doesn't also inherit the inability to choose normal footwear.

It was extra nice to have Mary here to give us an extra set of hands for a very special outing, Bennett's first trip to see Santa. Hopefully, I am not giving every responsible mother a coronary admitting that I took my five week old to see Kris Kringle during cold and flu season. I would like to think I am getting more laid back, but then again, I bought my child a special outfit for a five second photo session. I'd have to say it was a successful visit and Saint Nick even added Bennett to the Nice List.
Despite the decorating, the celebrating, and the Santa-ing, Mary is having trouble getting into the spirit without the snow, snow, snow. It is a good thing she has an extra week to end the Bah Humbug streak since we're celebrating our family Christmas on New Years. Just four weeks until we're all together again. Until then, I'll be dreaming of a very Ski Christmas.

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