Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mama Mia

I stole Mary for Mom's birthday and I stole her for a whole week. My sister and I are both lucky to have a special relationship with our mother. I think it developed out of mom getting stuck with the crappy parenting duties: the science projects, the doctor appointments, the trips to Target, shopping trips for school play costumes and making our lunches. How could you not become friends when you were spending hours upon hours a week doing the dirty work?

Being a mom myself, I wonder if it is possible for a mother to have the same kind of relationship with her son. I suppose I won't be taking Bennett prom dress shopping, to the Nutcracker ballet, or to Walnut Grove for Little House on the Prairie re-enactments. I just have to cram all the motherly bonding into a shorter timeframe while Bennett isn't embarrassed to be with his mom. That's why we dance to Nelly during Ellen. And that's why I am so thankful for Ellen, mother-son bonding led to the discovery of our shared love for Nelly.

Maybe the tough, everyday stuff is what makes a mother in the first place. Maybe it isn't the sentimental, once in a lifetime moments. Maybe it is just the temperature taking, baking of the school treats, checking his homework, and washing the stinky football uniforms. That's ok too because whether my mom knew it or not, that is what she was so very good at. And that's what we remember on mom's birthday. Love you mom!

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